Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Khyber Marriage

Experiences of a Scotswoman as the Wife of a Pathan Chieftain's Son.
Morag Murray Abdullah

A nice book, subtitle explains everything, it was 1916 WW1 was raging and Morag Murray meets a young, tall, handsome, dashing Pathan boy at University Edinburgh, and both fell in love at first sight. And then soon adventures starts, first from Scotland to Khyber via Karachi (remember it is time of before Pakistan, it is time of Brittan India indeed, but to my knowledge Khyber seemed not the part of Brittan India), then to India to visit the Raja's party.

Morag Murray does not include much conversation about her family and husband specially when she travels. She emphasizes more on external events, while readers want to know more whats going on internally between she and her husband.
Second, I found end a little bit disappointing, as MMA died in 1960, so a big time has passed. Book does not tell what happened in last years of Morag Murray. It spans only few years, not the whole life of MMA.

She is the mother of Idries Shah.
Her husband Ikbal Shah was the Musavi Syed, belongs to Twelver Shi'a sect of Islam.

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