Friday, February 18, 2011

Communism - 1/6 - Red Flag

Part 1. RED FLAG (1917)
Rise of Communism – Soviet Union


Soon after the revolution, Bolsheviks became know as the Russian Commuinst Party,
and moved the capital from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

But success was short list, the Communism uprising was crushed.
In Russia Communist had to fight for their own survival.

By the time he (Lenin) died he had created one party, one ideology state and an elaborate system of control. But Lenin had not achieved all the goals of Communism.

Whole economy was ours, we were the bosses, we’re working for ourselves.

It was ruthless to anyone challenge him; he (Stalin) demanded the obedience of all level.
The Church was the challenge for Communists, for millions of Russians it was still source of strength and offered the only alternate system of belief.
But the Communists were Atheists, and sort to remove the challenge by abolishing the church. (1930)

The greatest threat to the lives of the peasants came when Stalin decided to end private forming, (.. raise the food the country needed), a campaign was organized against the Richel peasants so called Kulaks, who said to be opposing Stalin’s plans.

Stalin said that Kulak should be liquidated as a class, over 3 million were shot or died as exile in the camps, State ceased the peasant’s farm employments, and they took over all the land which was not be farmed collectively. But the peasants did’nt want to collectivizations. They killed their live stocks rather than give them up. And the state took the grain. The result was famine. Over 5 years, 7 million died of starvation.

Stalin was not just using the harsh methods to push those changes he thought essential, he was obsessed by destroying the all potential opponents.

“You can’t imagine it Stalin is shooting all the present members of Polit Bureau, and he counted them off one by one.” (Ella Shistyer, arrested 1937)

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