Friday, February 18, 2011

Communism - 3/6 - Brave New World

Part 3. BRAVE NEW WORLD (1945)
East n West, Imperialism, Economy and Political System


The bloodiest war of the 20th century was almost over. Although they ware allies, the troops come from two different worlds, the Communist East and the Capitalist West.

“we are talked the cease of Fascism was the important step for the victory of Socialism all over the world. (Capt. Anatoly Semiriaga, Soviet Army, Berlin – 1945)

“The Germans were not the sole responsible for this war, they were the settler, but whole imperial system. Imperialism was the responsible.”

Churchill vivid pictures of continent divided by an iron curtain helped to change the public mood.
THREE EQUALS = Churchill (UK), Roosevelt (US), Stalin (USSR)

1947 – Year of Division

Berlin remained under the joint control at the war time allies, its western part was an outpost for capitalism, deep inside the communist world.
All access of control to Berlin was controlled by the Soviets. In June 1948, with no warning they shut off the city.

Inside this closed world, the information about the west was totally controlled.

“we knew our society was just, and that capitalism was terrible, people are exploited, that’s what we’re taught, it did’nt matter how badly I live now, I hoped we would better, I believed in Stalin and knew the life would improve.” (Tamara Banketik)

Stalin died in 1953.
In the countries of Eastern Europe, they were called for more independent from Moscow.

Russian Army came into the schools, burnt school books.

Jazz was banned … it was same today he plays jazz tomorrow he’ll betray the nation.

“3.3 million people have come to the West since 1945. they come from all walks of life. Many are farmers, because private farming has been abolished.”

Berlin Wall

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